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After the success of our annual Onboard Amsterdam event, we are expanding our movement to London! On the 20th of June, we organize the first independent onboarding event in the UK: Onboard.London.

Record low unemployment and skyrocketing turnover rates are presenting new challenges and opportunities in 2019 for HR. Choices you make can have a direct impact on how long your new employee remains with your company. How you onboard is an employee’s first real experience with your company culture, so make it count!

Do you want to give your employees an experience they LOVE? Come and learn how!

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We invited the top HR representatives from around the world. To speak, to connect and to influence. IBM, Netflix, Bynder, Uber and many more will guide us through the next trends in the ever-changing world of onboarding and future proof employee experience. 

Lee Andrews

Head of Talent Acquisition at IBM Europe

Lee Andrews

Head of Talent Acquisition at IBM Europe

Outcome-based, experience-driven Talent Acquisition and Workforce Strategy Leader with a track record of delivering industry-leading talent to organizations in >80 countries worldwide.

He is accountable for the strategy and execution of >8,000 hires per year across all IBM business units in Europe.

His goal is to transform teams and organizations into recruitment industry leaders by creating exceptional experiences for candidates and clients, whilst reducing both times to hire and cost.

Christina Biernat

Enterprise Partnerships at Uber for Business

Christina Biernat

Enterprise Partnerships at Uber for Business

Christina has been working on the Uber for Business team in San Francisco for over 3 years. She has recently relocated to London to help expand Uber’s Enterprise customer base in EMEA.

Varun Sawhney

Global Manager, Learning & Development at Netflix

Varun Sawhney

Global Manager, Learning & Development at Netflix

An all-round Learning and Development Specialist with extensive experience with development and delivery of training programs, training needs analysis and tailor-made blended learning solutions for both technical and behavioral skills.

A people’s person, managing a team of trainers and the training needs of a global organization with a focus on continuous improvements matching the latest trends in the world of learning and development.

Judyta Niedbalska

Learning and Development Specialist at Bynder

Judyta Niedbalska

Learning and Development Specialist at Bynder

Training Consultant, Coach, Instructional Designer and e-Learning Specialist. Interested in the human aspect of business and how to create a positive company culture that supports and nurtures all individuals within a company.

As Learning and Development Specialist at Bynder, Judyta is responsible for Onboarding, Training, and Personal Development within the EMEA region.

Victor Romijn

Onboarding Specialist at Appical

Victor Romijn

Onboarding Specialist at Appical
After a ten-year career working in social media and online marketing, Victor changed his mind and went in another direction: onboarding. Using both his online experience, his talent to improvise and his feeling for groups, this was the ideal career change. He’s a champ in explaining the Appical CMS to all layers of an organization, from the tech-savvy to people with little or none online experience.
At Appical he is responsible for the implementation the CMS at several clients, in sectors ranging from healthcare to transport and local governments, spread all over Europe.

Alan Walker


Alan Walker


Alan Walker was the mainstage moderator at Onboard.Amsterdam 2018 and now as well at Onboard.London 2019. He will guide us through the day full of inspirational talks…

Alan is the founder of Udder – a Talent Tech consulting firm – and the editor of #ChatTalent. He’s also an advocate for improving candidate experiences and a dyed-in-the-wool technology geek.

When he’s not blogging or editing and hosting #ChatTalent, his day job has him consulting with businesses who want to modernize their talent technology stack, and talent technology vendors who are looking to improve their products and understand customers better.

His career in talent has included high profile internal talent acquisition leadership roles with large corporates (where he started losing his hair), managing a boutique executive search agency, and consulting with both fast-growing start-ups and larger companies.


Get an insider look at the amazing culture and the unique employee experience of these companies

  • 13:15

    Welcome and Registration

  • 14:00

    Grand opening

  • 14:15

    IBM: Onboarding Reimagined

    Head of Talent Acquisition at IBM Europe

    Experience and brand advocacy are critical to the success of Talent strategies in the digital era. Join Lee Andrews to explore how IBM has reimagined its onboarding experience, which is now simplified, digitized, and highly personalized".
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  • 15:15

    Short break

  • 15:30

    Bynder - How we onboard, coach & develop our Byndies

    Judyta Niedbalska - Learning and Development Specialist at Bynder

    More than 5 years ago there were 6 people working in a tiny Bynder office in Amsterdam. Now the company has 325 employees in 7 offices (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Barcelona, Dubai, Boston & San Francisco) around the world and is growing rapidly. Proper onboarding was, of course, essential in managing such explosive growth! Besides introducing our new hires to processes and FAQs to hit the ground running, we also focus on personal development in an early stage, to keep our young and talented Byndies onboard. At Bynder we have designed leadership programs to help our coaches with some of the practicalities they have on a frequent basis such as job interviews, development check-ins, and difficult conversations. We have also created in-depth learning programs for each department to support our employees so they can thrive from the start. On a personal level, we offer employees the ACT (Analytical Competence Tool) so we can stimulate them to use their natural talents and develop their potential strengths.And team members participate in ongoing Cultural Awareness workshops, to talk about interesting topics and share experiences among the 36 different nationalities we have at Bynder. After years of tweaking, we believe that Bynder has one of the best onboarding and growth experiences out there. During our presentation at Onboard.Amsterdam we will guide you through every step of the journey.
  • 16:00

    UBER - Tech is Dramatically Changing Employee Experience

    Christina Biernat Enterprise Partnerships at Uber for Business

  • 16:30


  • 17:00

    Netflix - Building a Dream Team

    Varun Sawhney - Global Manager, Learning and Development at Netflix

    At Netflix, our core philosophy is people over process. More specifically, we have great people working together as a dream team. A dream team is one in which all of your colleagues are extraordinary at what they do and are highly effective collaborators. Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best and we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. What is special about Netflix, though, is how much we: encourage independent decision-making by employees share information openly, broadly, and deliberately are extraordinarily candid with each other keep only our highly effective people avoid rules
  • 17:30

    Appical - How to guide your new hire in his journey to become a brand ambassador

    Victor Romijn - Onboarding Specialist at Appical

    Victor will use Campbell’s Hero Journey to tell you all about the way you can turn your new hires into real heroes. From initiation to mastery, he will guide you along every step of the way.
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  • 18:15

    Network party - drink, eat, dance & connect

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